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Activation Policy Details Part Description: iPhone 6s Initial Activation Policy ID: 54 Serial Number: C6KQGGWUGRYF Initial Activation Policy: Latin America Service. IMEI: 35XXXXXXXXXXXXX Last Applied Activation policy ID: 41 IMEI 2: Last Applied Activation Policy: Mexico America Movil Unlocked Policy MEID: Next Activation Policy ID: 41 CSN/CSN2/EID: Next Activation Policy: Mexico America Movil Unlocked Policy Bluetooth MAC Address: First Activation Date: 10/04/16 Wi-Fi Mac Address: F431C3C1B0AD Last Activation Date: Software Version: 12.1.4 Last Restore Date: 02/15/19 Software Build: 16D57 Unlock Date: 10/04/16 Carrier: Telcel Mexico Unlocked: true ICCID: 8952020915443994073 Unbricked: " " Coverage Details Product Sold By: AMERICA MOVIL SAB DE CV Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage) Estimated Purchase Date: 10/25/15 Purchased In: Mexico Loaner: N" " Replacement Details Serial # IMEI # IMEI 2: Type Replacement Date C6KQGGWUGRYF 35XXXXXXXXXXXXX Active 10/04/16 DNPQHPNRGRYF 35XXXXXXXXXXXXX  Original 10/04/16"